A few days…..

Well as Bri has stated at the feeders our feathered friends have been taking full advantage of the bounty provided by us. It is surreal to stand there filling the feeders and watch the birds sometimes only 3 of 4 feet away from us waiting patiently as we top them up. Today we had bullfinches, chaffinches, blue, great and coal tits, goldfinches, greenfinches, robins, reed buntings, blackbirds and dunnocks all together with an odd display of petulance usually by the goldfinches and occasionally the blackbirds. Also today we heard the plaintive call of the secretive water rail. Last thursday we saw two ravens perhaps driven down to the coast looking for food from the snow covered high fells of lakeland.
And on the same day we put up a partridge…….now there is a pear tree on the reserve… I hear a song in the offing?

Bri & Bob