Thursday 27th Dec

Another dark morning, it seems that it never actually gets light before night sets in again.
Sheep have been roaming outside the fences for the last week, quite a few on the marsh, enjoying the sea washed turf.
There was a good morning last week and as soon as the sun began to rise the mist appeared.
On the way back yesterday, trying to miss the deep water, we came across a recently killed toad ,probably Carrion Crow, how they still manage to find them at this time of the year?

Bob and Bri

One reply on “Thursday 27th Dec”

Is this the same salt marsh that may be a no go area to all ie. walkers and the walney wild fowlers who have secured the shooting rights from the owners Boughton Estates if Natural England and DEFRA implement their strategy, so much for the ‘Right to Roam’ act !!

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