First Cuckoo

Yesterday we heard our first Cuckoo, first in the willow trees near the feeders and then over towards the fields and lastly north of the third field. Over the past few years there have been sightings of Cuckoo but not actually calling and usually in the first two weeks of May. So this is early but it does coincide with the Meadow Pipits,it’s preferred choice of nest, as they are now nesting.

Birds have started nesting early this year, the swan is a month earlier than last year and in the park this morning a male Blackbird was feeding a very well developed young, see photo.

At the feeders, two adult robins arrived together and one took food off the table to feed to the other, could no catch the action on camera but managed a shot of one with food.

Only problem with the warm weather it brings out the wee little darlings (midges) , see photo

A couple of the Highland cows were having a good feed of the Willow tree blossom, it must be nectar !! according to the faces.

Bob and Bri