12th July

12th July 2017

A beautiful day for a walk around the reserve with lovely views across the long pool to the Lakeland fells. The swan family seems to be doing well with 6 cygnets still. There was a common sandpiper on the little island as I went past, still there a couple of hours later. Apart from the meadow browns, butterflies seemed sparse: just saw one small copper and one dark green fritillary, both in the meadows, and managed a couple of not very good photos. Also a few gatekeepers – the first I had seen this year – and a hawker-size dragonfly that kept going so don’t know what kind. Enjoyed seeing the wild flowers, especially the yellow bartsia an one of my favourites, the haresfoot clover.

During the walk, I mislaid a favourite scarf and a kind lady walking with a group took my phone number and rang later to say she had found it and was posting it. People can be so kind. I hope they enjoyed their walk as much as I did.

Jenny England