This year has been exceptionally poor for butterflies, only now are we starting to see a few, even the Meadow Brown are in the low tens, normally in the two fields they would be in the hundreds.

The Gatekeeper as Jenny mentioned, has quickly built up and is now in the hundreds, but others are in single figures.

Large Skipper, one found in the area behind the curved seat, again these are very few in number.

Small Copper, one found on the main path from the field to the airport.

Comma, found two in Gillies field,

Also found a, Shaded Broad-bar moth in Gillies.

Large Dragonflies are also low in numbers, two Hawker did pass this morning but were too difficult to identify, the smaller variety, The Common Darter, are out in great numbers, found flying around sheltered Willows.

Bob and Bri