26th February


Common toads and frogs are on the move, there is plenty of water for the frogs to select, they appear to prefer very shallow pools which subsequently dry out before the tadpoles have time to change. We came across a small quantity of frog spawn on the path, it may have been deposited by desperate frog or one that was predated.


A cormorant with a distinctive white head has been seen on the ponds see photo.


The feeders have been busy over the winter but more birds are seen on the brighter days, they don’t like the dark, dull, wet and windy,

yesterday there were a few Long-tailed Tit, nice to see they have managed the bad weather.

Roe Deer

They are still around and yesterday we spotted the white of it’s bum before it spotted us, but as can be seen from the shot, once it turned face on, how it blended into the background.

Song Thrush

On our walk round we have counted four Thrushes singing, there is plenty of food but the numbers don’t appear to have increased.

Bob and Bri