29th November

A lovely crisp morning and the ponds have a small amount of ice, still a few Mallards, Tufted, Teal and the pair of Swans with the last remaining Cygnet, which is starting to gain the white feathers. The large Egret has not been seen for a couple of weeks now and the Herons have also disappeared, it maybe the food is easier somewhere else.

The farmer has replaced the grey bull with a black one and he’s even bigger, see photo.

There are a couple of resident Lapwings in the field adjacent Earnse Park and with the frozen ground, food must be hard to find, but this morning one of them managed to catch a worm, see photos.

On the way down the path from the tip we often see a pair of Stonechats and this morning the male was having difficulty balancing.

Bob and Bri