7th Feb

I got on the reserve before the tide left so there were a few stragglers around. Lots of Sanderling rushing around as always, and a single Ringed Plover were all I could muster. The Meadows were better though with the ubiquitous Curlew in profusion, Lapwings of course, a lot of Redshank, Oystercatcher and one solitary Grey Plover looking sorry for itself. Nothing much else out of the norm except perhaps a single Wren, but the rest was the expected stuff.
There were bikers coming into the sand hills as I was leaving, and although too far away to shout to them my trusty camera recorded number plates and as they were daft enough to stop and remove their helmets, faces too. They saw me photographing and then pretending to talk on my mobile and they legged it sharpish. I’m sending the pics to Steve, I think he should send them a policeman as a warning.