9 January, 2013 11:01

Posted by Ian

Well,that’s 2012 over and done with and the way the weather treated us all I think it’s best left behind.Lovely morning today in contrast,sunrise was stunning over the thick morning mist.As usual the ponds were quiet apart from the usual inhabitants-mallard ,tufted and the numerous teal that have been around all winter.A pair of swans have visited the long pond twice this week but were absent this morning.Further into the dunes the migrant thrushes and fieldfares are still plentiful and a pair of ravens were scavenging what is left of one of the dead sheep (there have been a few this winter).They don’t last more than a day or two once the badgers and foxes find them.A solitary Pansy has managed to survive up to now but I suspect any more frosty days will see it disappear until the spring.Hopefully this coming year will be better than last weather wise and this mornings’ sun and the lengthening days give hope for the coming year on the reserve.