A sad 1st February

It was a bright start to the day, the sun was out but with a cool northerly breeze.

On the long pond there were two cormorants on one of the spits see photo and the four cygnets from last year, which look in excellent condition, see photo, but only one of the parent.

On the next pond there was a Heron and Little Egret sheltering from the wind and soaking up the sun, see photo.

At the feeders it was fairly quiet, a few Blackbirds and Robins. The Robins just don’t get along together as can bee seen on the photo.

On the way back the dogs picked up a scent, then we noticed lots of large white feathers, after a short search the carcass of a full grown swan was found, possibly the cob. As can be seen in the photo’s the bird has been picked clean, what managed to kill a full grown swan and then consume it we are not sure, there was no sign of the legs or neck and head.

We will monitor the progress of the remaining family and keep everyone posted.

Bob and Bri