Barn Owls in tower

Visited the tower early yesterday morning hoping to see the young and on arrival, found an adult stood at the bottom, normally in previous years they have been on top of the tank. After about ten minutes it took off and flew over the fields, only to return five minutes later but not carrying any food, it stood outside for a few minutes before dropping down under the tank, during all this time there were no calls from the young.

Patience is rewarded, and after a further twenty minutes another owl came out and this time it was one of the young, it may be the only one, and after about five minutes it returned under the tank.

As said above the nest has always been on top of the tank and when the young are close to flying they would stand in the opening, see old photo, but this year it appears to be underneath and there is not enough room for more than two to stand, so maybe there are others waiting to emerge and the one in the photo may not be the only one this year.