Ferrets– Episode Three

Posted by Ian

I hesitated posting this blog to-day,due to the risk of ‘He’s making this up’; but on we go;nice quiet afternoon, so armed with new bag and string (just in case you understand) off we went along the west side to cover the same route as yesterday.Not a soul about,always find it strange that such a beautiful place does not attract more pilgrims.Anyway–arrived within 100meters of the last ferret sighting,and was rewarded by a male Stonechat sat on a fence post,really nice to see ,they were devastated two winters ago and have gone from being a common sight to being a ‘nice to see’.Then–there he was,I kid you not,doing what ferrets do I suppose when they are hungry.Out came the bag and string–two near misses later (fingers not ferret) and I gave up again (what a wimp).Admitting defeat we (me and Pip) carried on along the fence and guilty as charged, Pip caught a rabbit!. You can guess the rest–off we went with Mrs Bun back to our slender friend and threw him the offering.Our friend pounced on the furry package and dragging it between his legs disappeared down a rabbit hole which I guess has become his residence (where are Phil and Kirsty when you need them).Feeling slightly better , although still on his own our ferret has a warm dry home and a full stomach!. Ps got a really nice view of a female Sparrow Hawk on the way back,perched by the rifle butts.

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Can we have a photo – of the ferret – not your finger? Also have you informed the rspca. If i had lost a ferret i would contact them and the local vets to find out if they had been informed of any found. Alternatively could put something in the evening mail. that way perhaps we can get him back home. Lesley

hi grandad,i will help you catch it when i come through next weekend. Can pip catch another bunny so we can use it as bait, we have a trap we could use. love from Amy…

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