Friday 24th August

Today we went anti-clockwise, just to unwind. We were busy watching swallows catching insects and feeding there young and forgot all about the camera. Further down the airfield fence a short Eared Owl put up, we watched for a while but lost sight behind the trees, while sat on the seat by the feeders the Owl appeared again over the willows bordering the channel edge, after a short period of hunting it disappeared again in the direction it had arrived, managed a few shots but just not close enough. Continuing over the moor we spotted it again and it settled on a fence post about 200yds away, but even from that distance looking through the Bob’s binoculars it’s large eyes were strikingly clear.
In the afternoon the swallows were in the same place. stocking up for the long flight south.
On the news this week they said the bees had taken a battering due to the wet weather but this afternoon the heather was buzzing.
Saw a few more peacock butterflies the numbers are slowly building up.
Spotted another large Hawker dragonfly, it was in the same place yesterday but could not get a picture or identification.

Bob and Bri