Friday 26th April

All the Warblers are returning, Reed, Willow, Grasshopper, both yesterday and today there were flocks of Willow Warblers passing through, not heard a Sedge yet.

No sign of any Natterjack Spawn, this cold weather must have set them back, normally the first strings would have been early April.

The Willow has been in blossom and the heads are starting to drop but no great numbers of honey bees, just the odd one or two. This time last year the place was buzzing with hundreds.

The slight increase in temperature brought out the insects which attracted lots of Swallows over the ponds.

Today we had a rare sight of six Blackcaps, three female and three male, on the feeders, they were enjoying some scraps of lamb. Bob noticed one with a yellow around it’s beak and wondered if it was pollen, the enlargement of the photo clearly shows it was.Yesterday I came across a male Blackcap about half a mile farther up the channel.

Found a Canada Goose and a Mallard Egg empty shells, looks like both consumed by Carrion Crow.

Bob and Bri