Hope they had belly ache

Last week checked the ripeness of the apples on one of the regular providers and decided to leave them for another week. Returned yesterday to find that the cows had scoffed all those in easy reach, including any windfalls, didn’t know cows ate apples, see photos.

Last year when the cows were first released into the new fenced area, we new they would be trouble. It didn’t take them long to locate the bird feeding area and pull down all the feeders that were in their reach, all of which had to be relocated higher up the tree, they then trashed the table, still to be replaced, and they appear to leave behind much more than they consume. ( hope the all suffered with belly ache).

Noticed Gall apples on one of the small Oak trees, there are only two or three on the reserve, it’s amazing how the small wasp manages to find them.