North End Barn Owls

We walk around part of the reserve, that includes the Barn Owl boxes, every morning at roughly the same time, but not seen a Barn Owl since October last year, that is until last week, when one was spotted sitting on the shelf of one of the boxes.

The two boxes No 1 and No 4 contain cameras, which have been checked at regular intervals, the last time an owl was recorded in Box No 1 was Sept 2015 and Box No 4 November 2015. Nevertheless the boxes are being used, see the pellet distribution, on the attached snapshots taken off the videos on the various dates.

This is what happened last year, pellet build up in Box No 1 took place over the winter months, but the first Owl was not sighted until March and then was joined by it’s mate in late April, Lets hope the same pattern will repeat this year.

Bob and Bri