Saturday 10th January

Another extremely windy day which causes to the recently introduced cows to look for shelter and one of the preferred locations is the bird feeding area. Over the past few weeks they have pulled the seed feeders down, broke the table beyond repair and knocked the bird table off the tree. This morning they had pulled the Niger seed feeder down and generally messed the area with what cows produce by the ton, and further down the path another group were rubbing up against the Barn Owl Box support (photo very shaky due to strong winds)

The bird feeders are still being topped up daily and there are plenty of birds to be seen, this morning there were 14 long tailed tits, three female and three male bullfinches, but the worry is that it will all be ruined by the cattle, unless there is some method of blocking off the entrances, and the rubbing against the owl box support may disturb the breeding pair of Barn Owls.

Bob and Bri