Hi, haven’t posted for a while, been somewhat preoccupied. These are a few observations of recent days.
On 25th Feb watched the two swans flying north quite low over long pond. As they were nearing far end the
pen swan veered towards the sea with the cob following closely. Too closely however as it did not manage to gain enough height
and it collided with the top of the sand dune causing it to tumble away out of sight onto the pebbles on the high water line.
I hurried round and it was preening itself on the pebbles and when it saw me getting closer it waddled down on to the sand
and took flight returning to its mate on the pond. Hey guess it was just a few courting problems !!
Generally things are getting very busy on the nesting front as the birds are bonding and sorting out their nesting arrangements, this makes things quiet at the feeders
compared to a few weeks ago.
Lapwings and skylarks are plentiful and are busy sorting themselves out too.

Today 14th March as I was approaching the north feeder I noticed that the birds were sounding out their alarm calls so
I crept round and was surprised to see a stoat gnawing away at an old ham bone tied up 6ft high in a tree.
For 3-4 minutes I had the pleasure of watching this so secretive animal only to be disturbed by other walkers as they
noisily approached.

Then to cap it all I heard a woodpecker a rat tat tatting on one of the nest boxes near to new owl box as I left the area.

Posted by Bob