Hi, the sightings following are from Saturday 21st :- Common sandpiper at fishing pond could also hear at least two reed warblers. On the long pond there were four male mergansers and one female, one of the males was trying to keep two of the other males away from the female who had gone onto the small island that the swan is nesting on. The pen swan did not seem concerned at all as did the cob who was patrolling close by. The pair of gadwalls were close by too….will they nest? Will the mergansers nest? Would be great if they do.
Found another two strings of natter jack spawn in pond 35….must be getting warmer ! Nine shelducks are flying and settling down here there and everywhere, but a couple of them are looking at an old badger sett….again will they use this as a nest? These ducks nest in old rabbit burrows and any holes they can find. Their eggs are white and need to be secreted away from predators for obvious reasons. When the young are older the adults creche them together again for protection. The canada goose also uses this strategy.
At the north feeder all the usual suspects were in evidence plus a sedge warbler. The blossom of the willow was attracting many bees and the buzzing was intense. On thursday last (19th) two long tailed tits visited the feeders for a couple of minutes and then they were on their way.

Posted by Bob