Sightings and Bird Count

Hi, the ice has nearly all gone from the long pond and Brian was feeding the 2 swans, 14 mallards and 2 pairs of tufted ducks.
The swans and mallards were nigh in a feeding frenzy with the bread being thrown to them in the shallow water. When one of the male tufted
ducks dived beneath the water from the rear of the feeding group swam alongside one of the swans. Then to our amazement
stole the bread from the swan, whilst still submerged, to its bewilderment. What a sight to behold it is the first time either of us have seen
one of these ducks swimming underwater. They are usually much further out in the pond when diving so the opportunity never arises.

At the north feeder- 1M-1F bullfinch, 1 great tit, 2 blue tits, 1 coal tit, 4 robins, 2 dunnocks, 3M-2F reed buntings,
5 chaffinch, 9 greenfinch, 8 goldfinch and 3M-3F blackbirds.

Posted by Bob