Sightings & Bird count

Hi at the start of the walk there were 2 thrushes scurrying away between the brambles on the tank tracks.

At the long pond the ice has finally won and covered all the pond now. All Brian and myself saw was 6 teal taking flight
2M-2F mallards…so quiet, then as we continued 14 canada geese flew in and landed out of sight from us.

At the north feeder :- 1M-1F bullfinch,1 great tit,4 blue tits,2 coal tits,7 greenfinch,2 goldfinch,3M-4F blackbirds,
3 dunnocks,3M-2F reed buntings,4 robins,5 chaffinch.

On the way back we observed 6 mute swans at the south end of the long pond, 2 cygnets,1 immature, 2 cobs and 1 pen.
would have been a marvellous sight seeing them land as there was a veneer of water on the surface of the ice the same
conditions that the canada geese endured and we missed both landings.

Posted by Bob Chubb.