Sightings for Feb. 1st

Hi,—at Long Pond– 5M-3F tufted ducks, 2 swans,15 teal, white mallard with other mallards, 1 canada goose,1 heron.
North feeder–3M-2F bullfinches,3 great tits,4 blue tits,1 coal tit,3M-1F reed buntings,2M-2F blackbirds,12 greenfinch,
6 goldfinch,4 robins,7 chaffinch,2 dunnocks.

Saw 7 swans on high water line, settled on beach, roughly opposite from rifle butts, were they
whoopers or mutes? couldn’t tell from where I saw them from the old tip.
Think Lew & Jim may have seen them…any idea guys?

From the ‘Bramble Chopper’