Thursday 15 November

It’s been a fairly quiet week, Lew and Jim spotted 20 plus Long Tail tits around the feeders and put up a lot of snipe in the wet area along the airfield fence.
The Bullfinch are building up at the feeders with 2 male and 2 female showing up quite regularly.
Ian spotted a Barn owl hunting over the tank tracks yesterday evening, this is the first sighting since the early part of the year, lets hope it continues.
With so much water around the waterfowl have plenty of choice and the ponds are empty. The swans returned with one cygnet but only stopped for a day.
There are a few Meadow Pipits passing through and I found a photo taken earlier in the year, which show the large back claw, it looks lethal.
The other morning a young Robin followed us down the path and it is getting near Christmas, unfortunately no snow yet.

Bob and Bri