Thursday 20th June

A very nice morning and it brought out damselfly in there hundreds, lots of Blue-tailed and Common Blue, providing plenty of food for the birds.

Found a Sedge Warbler collecting caterpillars for the young, see photo, they were late arriving this year but the young must be close to leaving the nest.

Yesterday morning it was slightly overcast but the clouds created a beautiful view of Blackcombe covered in cotton wool.
Over the last week there have been four Shelduck flying around and sometimes settling on the heather, it seems a bit late to start nesting but the whole season got off to a late start, so we will see.

Also yesterday the morning silence was broken by the sound of five Oyster catchers flying over the long pond and all calling in unison, was it one female being pursued by four males, I don’t know but they certainly know how to raise the decibels.