Thursday 24th January

As Ian mentioned in his blog the mornings are very quiet, even the feeders are low on species but lots of Blackbirds, Robins and Chaffinch.
This morning while sat at the feeders we were unsure about a bird that flew over, thought it may have been a Redwing. This afternoon on one of the Willow trees just inside the airfield fence, near gate 3, sat a lone Redwing, same one? maybe.
The Mallard and Teal have been resting in amongst the trees in the ponds, see attached photo of three Mallard, maybe the water is slightly warmer and they won’t be frozen in during the night.
Early yesterday afternoon came across a young Roe deer and today about the same time put up a large Dog Fox, this cold spell must be making food hard to find.

Bob and Bri