Thursday 26th July

This morning there was a family of mallard on one of the small ponds, they are about a week old and may do better because it’s away from the heron.
This afternoon was quite warm and new common darter were everywhere, also the Gatekeeper butterfly was taking advantage of weather, see pic.
The Cinnabar caterpillar is now on the Ragwort, glad there is something that will reduce this terrible weed, see pic.
The Yellow Bartsia is out in full bloom, there are three large areas in the long pond, two on an island, require wellies to cross but adjacent on the west bank there is another large area, see pic.
Finally, Jenny said she had found the Wintergreen, so had a look today and there are about 12 plants in the dip behind the butts, I had a look in another area that was covered by about 100 plants last year but it’s all overgrown, with no sign of any Wintergreen.