Thursday 2nd February

Unfortunately we have not posted any blogs lately, the weather has been terrible, not much to report except the ground is water logged.

Over the last few weeks, the cows have been wandering off the reserve, probably due to a lot of the fences being in poor repair and at the moment the cows have all been removed.

Due to the poor light, taking photos has been restricted but today the sun was out, and so was the full moon, one photo attached, but unfortunately there was no foreground to show the perspective.

At the feeders, this year has been the best for Bullfinch photos attached one with ten in the shot.

No unusual birds to report, the Goldfinch have only just started to feed on the Niger seed, a couple of Jays are always first to arrive to pick up the peanuts. Water Rail and Woodpecker have not been heard or seen this season.

Bob and Bri