Thursday !7th April

Our Friendly Woodpecker,

When checking and cleaning the bird boxes late last year it was found that Woody had been opening up all the entrance holes, except a couple that had previously been damaged and fitted with perspex surrounds. Six of the boxes were 10yrs old and required replacing, so these were also fitted with perspex surrounds and the finally the last two boxes were also similarly modified.

Over the last few months while sat on the seat, we listened to Woody hammering away at different boxes, smugly thinking it’s only going to blunt the beak on the perspex. Well, today it proved it’s determination and ingenuity, if you can’t go in through the front door, insert a new one in the side.

Grasshopper Warblers
Lots of Warblers have now arrived with the Grasshopper yesterday it only leaves the Reed Warbler outstanding. Listening and watching a Grasshopper warbler today, it was amazing to see how it just opened it’s beak and the grasshopper sound poured out for approximately a minute before stopping for a few seconds and immediately started again. the photo’s are not the best but they do show it singing.