Thursday 8th August

Best day this week, the air was clear and the hills looked really close, see photo.
Now the nesting period has officially finished, Natural England have been busy, carrying on where they left off, in February, cutting and burning Willow trees in the dip north of the butts, see couple of photos.
They have also cut the grass along the Airfield fence, part of the Coastal path, first cut for the visit of Country File in 2017, as can be seen, this will have to a annual task to keep it open. ( If you walk approximately 100yds along the path toward the channel, in a small clearing you will find a lonely Viper’s-bugloss.)

Also attached are a few other photos, one of a mating pair of Common Darters, there are are plenty to see at the moment, a pair of Common Blue and a Small Copper.

Bob and Bri