Tuesday 16th April

This morning I was watching what appeared to be two Swallows feeding over the fishing pond, took some shots and when down loaded they turned out to be one Swallow and one Sand Martin. Shots are not perfect but the bird species can clearly be seen.

At the feeders this morning a Chiffchaff crossed through the willow trees, they have been reported but it was the first I have seen.

The other day I mentioned about the Seed feeder with unknown hair, the next day it had been pulled off the tree and a couple of large lumps had been removed, it was refitted to the tree and this morning it had been completely stripped, see photo. Possible animal to reach the position would be a squirrel, will have to keep our eyes open.

I have been checking on the progress of the frog spawn and some has developed into tadpoles but was very surprised to find other deposits completely empty, only the jelly left on investigation found many leeches attached, see photo. It’s a sitting duck for these creatures and they are being found in all the ponds,

Natterjacks have one more problem.