Tuesday 22nd August

No sign of the Kingfishers today, we have had them visit in the past, just the odd one, never a family, so we will keep on hoping they will return.
Did see a Short Eared Owl this morning, had the camera inside my jacket because of the rain and missed a good opportunity.
Watched a flock of Swallows feeding off the Wild Parsnip on the tip, they were there yesterday as well but could not get a good shot.
Also on the tip are a lot of Goldfinches feeding on the thistles.
Managed to get a shot of the Male Stonechat on the way back to the car. This is the usual place for a pair but we have not seen them since the cold spell earlier this year.
There is a cheeky Robin at the feeders, we have not started feeding yet but it is there ready and waiting.