Walk around Gillie’s

Had a stroll around Gillies yesterday, primarily to check on the Sparrowhawks. Earlier in the season they were checking out a spot near an old nest, and it appears they have had second thoughts but they are close by, one flew out of the trees and briefly landed on a post before continuing it’s hunt.

Barn Owls from the tower can often be seen hunting during the day, trying to feed a hungry family is a full time job. Yesterday one of the young could be seen under the tank and while watching, one of the adults returned with a vole, not sure how many there are but definitely more than one.

Came across a family of Long-tailed tits but they were too difficult to catch on camera but did manage a Whitethroat.

The terrapins in Gillie’s pond are well known, they have been there for a number of years now but yesterday saw three on camera.