Wednesday 10th July

Caterpillars – There are lots of hairy caterpillars wandering the paths at the moment and most are the Drinker Moth, normally they wander onto the path and wait to be stood on, but we found one the other day crawling up a grass stem, see photo. The moth is night flying and would not be seen without setting up a trap, but the photo attached is from 2007 when we caught one in a trap.

Garden Moth Trap – Last night was quite successful with 17 different varieties being caught, it’s amazing what flies at night, a couple of photos of distinctive type are attached.

Bob had yesterday sighted a Emperor Dragonfly over the long pond, and today it was still there patrolling the pond and chasing any other dragonflies that entered it’s territory, managed to take a couple of shots as it passed.

Lastly we spotted a Wagtail on the fence of the long pond. is this a young Pied Wagtail or a Continental White passing through.

Bob and Bri