Wednesday 20th June

I can’t believe this is the longest day, nobody has told summer, it better get it’s skates on !!
I was at Gillies this morning before walking up the reserve and found the local Barn Owl doing a bit of sun bathing on top of a telegraph pole, pic is not too clear due to the bushes in the shot. Also the ducklings were on dry land having a good feed, earlier a Heron was on a tree overlooking the pond, they will need to be kept hidden otherwise they will join there mate.
I met Lew on the way round and we came across a few moths that turned out to be July Belle, very similar to the the Lead Belle but only have a small black dot instead of the comma, they are fairly scarce for Walney. Another more common moth was the Yellow Shell.
In the afternoon went back to find the Emperor Dragonfly but did not see it but did fine my first Common Darter of the season.