Wednesday 2nd May

It turned out to be a nice sunny day but with a cool wind, but that didn’t stop the emergence of the black flies (St. Marks Fly) description taken from another site

"The males have clear wings and big eyes. They swarm up and down looking for females which usually cluster on a nearby bush. They are called St Mark’s Flies because they’re usually about on St Mark’s Day, 25th April. They only live for about a fortnight so it’s a short life but sweet. They feed on nectar, they mate and the females lay eggs in the soil. That’s it. Then they die. But the larvae or grubs live on, underground, eating decaying vegetable material or grass roots. Then next April they emerge as adults and the whole life cycle starts over again."

Caught a glimpse of very smart Wheatear in the third field, see photo.

Bob and Bri