28 May, 2018 19:41

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Date: 23/05/2018 14:20
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Hi, we thought the Canada Goose family had been, shall we say eliminated and lo and behold I came across them at the top end of the Long Pond. At the same time I saw a family of Mallard ducklings with their mother. Mister mallard does not help in rearing the children….ahem.
As the Canada Goose family approached they saw other Canadas and were hostile to them chasing them off, quite a fracas.
What a morning I then discovered the Greylag Goose family again we thought they had been vanquished.
Found them back of the fishing pond and the next day saw them on the far pond, must have walked the family about 500 yds or so. Brave thing to do, as I saw fox prowling round by the long pond and could smell the foxes scent in various locations.