Bird Count

Hi, bird count for Monday 20th Feb.– At the long pond it was quiet again with 2 swans and the white mallard and a few other mallards.

At the north feeder 2M-1F bullfinch, 3 great tits, 4 robins, 2M-1F reed buntings, 7 chaffinch, 3M-1F blackbirds, 3 dunnocks and 14 greenfinch.
Quiet here also in numbers but loud with bird song in nearby trees and bushes as the birds start the breeding season.

The count for today Tuesday 21st Feb. At the fishing pond there was a solitary dab diving away searching for food.
The long pond produced 2 swans, 4 canada geese, the white mallard and his associates. 3M-2F tufted ducks and 2 male mergansers.

At the north feeder–2M-2F bullfinches, 2 great tits, 3 blue tits, 1 coal tit, 4 robins, 3M-1F reed buntings, 7 chaffinch, 2 dunnocks,
3M-1F blackbirds, 3 goldfinch and 14 greenfinch. Also heard a thrush singing nearby and a woodpecker flew by.

Posted by Bob