Sunday February 19th

Posted by Ian & Brian

Busy day today—-the triangular owl box on the black pole near the field has been falling into disrepair for a while

and the nice sunny day created a good opportunity to replace it with a nice shiny new one.

Passed through the airfield with the box and equipment at 12-30pm and after four hours the old box was down and the new one up in place.

Sadly inside the box along with lots of owl pellets and vole skeletons were the remains of two owlets (one was found in the box last sept).

The parents had deserted them late into their development as the first one found was sizeable and fully feathered.

Lets hope the new box attracts new tenants and they are more successful.

The other four boxes were checked last September and so far have not attracted owls but two have been used as shelters by Kestrels their pellets

providing the evidence.

The reserve grazier lost another of his sheep to dogs a week ago, and as he approached to remove the carcass in the early evening two badgers ran out from

behind the dead animal—(nothing gets wasted in nature!) he sure was surprised !!.

Poor day today (20th)after yesterdays sunshine, the plan is to meet at 1-30pm and walk the tideline line from Earnse Bay round to Teasdale road on a regular count of bird remains,

or at least those the many foxes leave behind,the weather may well put us off.