Catch of the day

Well what a different day to yesterday, yes the sun was shining and all the snow has gone. Is spring around the corner?
As we descended from the old tip and walked along by the fishing pond we thought we saw plastic in the reed at the far side of the pond. However it was a heron with its head down in the water….why ? Well after a few moments all was revealed the heron through its head back and in its beak there was a small carp, Bri’s estimation was that it was around 2-3 lbs in weight. It tried to swallow the fish but it was putting up one hell of a fight so the heron submerged its head in the water again. Again after 20-30 seconds it had another attempt at swallowing its catch. After another attempt it was swallowed and the heron held its head and neck in a straight perpendicular fashion as the carp slid down the gorge to fill the belly of the heron. To help it on its way it took three or four gulps of water to assist its passage. Bri and I joked that the heron would not be able to fly for a week with all the weight it had consumed. On our way back the after 90 minutes the heron was still there sat on the bank of the pond. Usually herons take flight when humans are that near…..we will see tomorrow if it gets in the air…..we are sure it will !!

Pictures are to follow from Bri (resident photographer)

Bri & Bob