Monday 11th February

A very pleasant but cold morning, a couple of deer passed us twice, we have not seen any for about three weeks. The reserve is being hunted regularly by poachers using dogs and we thought the deer may have been taken.
In the afternoon I came across four Long-tailed Tits, feeding on the tarmac road, could not see what they were eating. Managed to creep up to within 10 yards before they flew off into the trees. Normally these birds do not stop in one place long but after I walked past they returned to the same place, and only a few steps further on, my attention was drawn to both the dogs, both had stopped and had their noses up, following the line of sight, there was a Roe Deer only six or seven yards into the brush and looking straight at me. It must have been watching all the time while taking the photos of the birds, but then it was off just a little too quickly to get a clear photo.
Natural England have employed contractors to install a new entrance to the sight at the rifle butts, photos to follow.

Bob and Bri