Family Squables

At the south end of the long pond Bri was feeding bread to the swans and the three remaining cygnets. They were joined at the feeding by two mallard families, one female duck with nine ducklings and the other with three ducklings. The ducks nearly always give way to the swans. However the squabling between the mallard families was amusing. The ducklings of both broods would chase and peck at each other as would the adults between themselves and also the others young.
We were so pre-occupied with the antics of the mallards that we failed to notice a kestrel hunting near to us. Until we heard a couple of the ducklings make the alarm call. The kestrel had taken a vole from near the side of the pond alarming the ducklings. The kestrel flew right in front of us with its prey in its talons and headed off over the airfield to feed its young with his catch.

Bri & Bob

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