Wednesday 3rd July

While we were sat on the seat this morning, the peace was broken by distress cries of Carrion Crows and Magpies, after a few minutes I went to see what all the commotion was about, there were a few chattering Magpies on top of some Willow trees but no sign of the Crows and then the reason for the noise walked out on the path with a young Carrion Crow in its mouth. A fox with the cubs breakfast, just ambled up the path no rush, see photo.

We have been seeing a few Heron lately, adults and the young, this morning there were two adults and one young, only managed a snap of one of the adults,

The Sparrow Hawks young are growing quite fast, possibly three in the nest, one of the adults was flying about looking for the next meal and there are plenty of young birds, like the young Wren, who will be still learning to keep quiet and out of site.

Bob and Bri