Friday 21st September

Well tomorrow will be the start of longer nights than days. This year seems to have flown past, and I have found as your age progresses so time speeds up.
It’s been a miserable week, everywhere is flooded, don’t think Bri will be cutting the fields anytime soon.
We are now waiting the arrival of the winter wildfowl to brighten things up, the cygnets are still doing fine but not yet taken to the air. Quite a lot of Cormorants about at the moment, often see flocks flying from Cavendish Dock to the west side of the Island, photo of flock flying over attached.
We were watching a pair of young Sparrow Hawks being taught by one of the parents, but being children, they were more interested in playing, it was enchanting to watch.
The weather has thrown everything at us this week, a couple of shots attached to show the extremes.
On the way back today there were well over a hundred Goldfinches feeding on the Knapweed, photo attached, when enlarged, shows about thirty.

Bob and Bri