Sunday 30th September

Well it’s has been an interesting week weather wise, wellies all round, a couple of photos show the extent of flooding, the bench and table sitting in 3 inches of water, dogs looking miserable and the area excavated for the Natterjacks, totally under water.
The cygnets have been seen by Dereck, flying for the first time last Thursday, about a hundred yards, across the long pond. When this wind drops we hopefully will see them flying off the pond.
We have seen lots of skeins of geese flying south, photo of typical flock attached. It appears they are always confused when they reach this area, an argument with lots of calling will ensue and the skein fragmenting, only combining again further down the island, in a long line, conga style.
We also met with a company rep employed by the airfield to carry out a survey of the bird population in the immediate area, apparently they have a major problem with birds over the airfield.
The Goldfinch flocks are now starting to combine, photo of one flock over the tip.
Lots of Meadow Pipits passing through one of the days, photo of three on airfield fence.
We came across a Cormorant on the fishing pond one morning, normally these birds don’t stay and quickly fly off, but this one must have just eaten a large fish it just swam around the pond.
This is the time of year to find fungi, there are many different types and by the diameter of the rings they have been there a long time. Photos of some attached but unfortunately no names, anyone with the information would be appreciated.
There was a very clear day last Sunday and the Isle of Man and North Wales were very clear.
Finally there has been a new addition to Brian’s cows, see photo of mum and baby. The other calves are growing fast and full of beans, photo of a couple jousting, also one with fantastic hair style.

Bob and Bri