Monday 18th June

What a glorious day at last, this warm spell has brought a few dragonflies and butterflies out, hopefully there will be a few more before the weather changes on Thursday.
The Marsh Cinquefoil is now blooming around all the ponds, from a distance it looks bit dull but when up close it really a pretty flower see pic.
On the north most small pond there were a lot of Common Blue Damselfly, usually this pond fills up with hundreds but the numbers this year may be down due to the weather, see pic of mating couple.
Walking through the fields the swifts were feeding and managed to catch a shot of one passing, they are so built for speed.
Lastly, while talking to Ruth we both watched a Heron come in to land on the long pond and immediately pick up a mallard duckling and down it in seconds. These poor things endure the weather, Herring and Lesser Blackback Gulls, and today it became dinner because the Heron has gone off fish. See pic.