Thursday 14th June

A much better day slight easterly breeze but lots to see, we came across a large family of blue tits at least 12 could have been more and also a family of Willow Warblers see pic of youngster.
We walked the area where the Pearl Bordered Fritillary normally breed but did not find one, this cold weather is keeping the butterfly population down this year. In the same area there were plenty of Common Blue damselflies, see pics of mature and immature it shows the difference in colours.
Another insect to look out for is the longhorn moths, it is only about 6-8 mm long but has extremely long antenna. the male is about 25mm the female slightly shorter, but the males fly vertically up and down, together in a group trying to attract the females. See pic of a male.
We had a look in the large wet area for Sundew and it is not in flower at the moment but the plant has really good colour at this time of year, see pic.
Finally on the way back we came across 2 small Tortoiseshell butterflies, which added the final touch to the morning.

Bob and Bri