Monday 1st April

This cold but dry weather is certainly improving the conditions but at the same time it leaves the area vulnerably to fire as we found today. A large area of gorse, heather and grass has been burnt see photo, luckily the fire brigade stopped it crossing the dispersal road, where it would have created more damage. Also the birds are only just starting to nest, a couple of weeks later and the damage would have been much worse. The people who start these fires just have no respect for the countryside they are only interested in their own selfish pursuits.

Bri was up today returning his cows to the fenced off area, someone had opened the last gate allowing them out to the south of the reserve.
It’s becoming a pattern where damage and vandalism occurs at the weekends, Natural England and the Police will have to attend more regularly if they are going to catch the culprits.

Bob and Bri