Monday 20th May

Both the Cuckoo were in hiding today, myself, Ian and Jenny spent quite some time on the reserve but with no luck.

Yesterday we spotted a Kestrel on one of the red warning lights fitted on the airfield, see photo.

Natterjack spawn has been very poor up to present with only three strings being found, the usual pond has not been used , probably because it is full of Blanket Weed a type of Algae. Sacks of Barley Straw have been deposited in the pond, this is supposed to kill it, but at the moment it is just doing the opposite see photo.

Ian and I had a good look around the area where the Coral Root Orchid grows but did not find any, they are only small and seem to grow in amongst the Ground Willow, which makes them very difficult to see so we may have missed the odd one, but we did spot a newly emerged Small Copper, see photo.

Ian and Bri