Wednesday 22nd May

Bri the farmer has become a dad again!, with the birth of two calves, what weather to be born into. The calf in the photo has been keeping warm lying in long grass in a dip out of the wind.

Pond 35 which was mentioned yesterday, has been cleaned today by Steve the Natural England Manager, see photo, it is certainly looking better but will the natterjacks come back before the weed, that is the question.

Flowers are starting to appear, Germander Speedwell a delicate little blue flower and the pink Common Storksbill are in the shots today.

The apple trees are in full blossom and with the shortage of bees they were going to struggle but now a cold northerly wind is here to complete the task.


One reply on “Wednesday 22nd May”

As always , a delightful walk on windy North Walney nature reserve. Unfortunately the enjoyment was marred by the sight of people exercising their dogs off the lead. I wish I had been in a position to challenge them but they were some distance away. Are these people semi-literate ; there are several signs asking that dogs are kept on short leads. It was maddening to see that an area just south of the main pond is still being used for outdoor partying with the resulting debris i.e. drinks cans and food wrappings. It was particularly bad this time.

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