Monday 30th July

Over the last few days we have seen 40 – 50 of Goldfinches feeding on the thistles between the feeders, it appears to be another good year.
Around the feeder area there are a few young Bullfinches in addition to the adults, hoping it has been a good year for them too, we will know more accurately once we start feeding again.
There has been a family of 10 – 12 long tail tits moving from willow to willow on two consecutive mornings.
A Short Eared Owl was out hunting again this morning, over the airfield and the area south of the tip, it was a lot darker than the one we have seen previously.
I saw my first Brown Hawkers on Friday around the pond off Cows Tarn Lane, but they did not settle, hope to get a photo shortly. But I did manage to take one of a Male Emperor, in flight over the car pond, not the best quality but it is identifiable.
A pair of swifts were out again today over the south end of the long pond, so I had another go at a photo, definitely the clearest upto now.

Bob and Bri